What a Jolly Time for the

Easter Bunny, Hopping around Delivering

all sorts of easter goodies.

Easter is a Time to Rejoice

to be Happy, looking at all sorts of

Easter hobbies, Easter egg roll, finding

and hiding eggs, coloring eggs, all sorts of

baskets, all sorts of candy, all sorts of

stuffed animals, bunnys, chicks, rabbits all

so nice. The children all dressed up in

nice Easter clothes. It’s a day to go to

church rejoice in God, Rejoice THE DAY HE

ROSE. A day of a special Easter dinner

ham, with pineapples, greens, potatoe salad,

devilled eggs, fruit, favorite drinks.

Easter brings all sorts of colorful flowers, roses,

birds singing so joyfully, crisp spring air!

Easter is a wonderful day to spend with

loved ones and family. And remembering

who made Easter so special.

Happy East