Photo of Circa's menu
Photo courtesy of Vincent Gallegos via Flickr

This review is about Circa at Dupont Circle.  

The restaurant, which is located at Q Street and Connecticut Ave, NW is a good place to eat. I had been curious about the food there. It is very close to the corner where I sell my newspapers.  

Finally, I had a chance to enjoy a meal there, thanks to one of my best customers, Luis, who is from Los Angeles.  

I give the place three Street Sense stars, I did like the food I ate. I had corn chowder, a Circa burger and onion rings and a diet Coke. For dessert I had a dish that was something like a banana split.  

The chowder had plenty of pork, plus corn and potatoes, good and hot. The burger was juicy yet well done. The onion rings were big, well-seasoned and crispy.  

The dessert was served in a dish. It included plenty of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch, served with a waffle cone, banana, whipped cream and a cherry.  

Luis had the same meal that I had and also enjoyed his food. This was also his first visit to Circa.  

The place was dark inside with candles, making it hard to read the menus. But the ambience was nice and the waiters were polite. The service was quick.  

The bath was clean but it had only cold running water. The prices were fairly ritzy. I may go back again.  

Ken has been a vendor for six months. He enjoys soccer and frequently writes for Street Sense.