Photo of clouds and a sunrise behind them.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Weibert /

Dreams to me
Flow as long as the eye can see,
And eyes can see
I can be anything that my mind believes.
“My mind believes.”
When love is in harmony with other things
That’s when the energy is full of peace
Dreams are like chemistry.

Live life,
Continue to dream,
and make ‘em as long as they seem

I dedicate this poem to my daughter, Armani Renee:
Never stop dreaming. Follow your dreams.
And let your Dreams go as far as streams flow, Baby Girl.

—Carlos Carolina, Artist/Vendor

I refuse to allow hope to die!
A deferred dream will never ever be a denial to me!
I refuse to accept “defeat” like Joseph (in the Bible),
“I am a dreamer/visionary”
I see what others don’t see and have thoughts that others don’t think,
Stay away from dream killers today!
Spray them with the “pesticide” of not getting in your space!
Tumbleweed kills real “grass” but it looks the same!

—Michele E. Richon, Artist/Vendor

I was always a different child,
I had goals for my life.
I used to cut out magazines of where I am going to live,
what car I am going to drive, where I am getting married at,
and how many children I am going to have.

I look back at my goals at the age of 30 now,
I have mostly accomplished my goals.
I did not get married on Miami beach,
but I did get married at the courthouse.
I have kids, I want 10.
I have a good place to live.

—Darlesha Joyner, Artist/Vendor