There have been many people wanting to interview me about this election. Reporters are curious why someone who is formerly homeless and black is supporting Donald Trump instead of being on the Democratic plantation.

Many people of prominence have dropped hints that Donald Trump is a horrible person; misogynist, racist blah blah blah. However when you suggest that it was the Bill Clinton administration that mass-incarcerated people, called black men “Super Predators” and sought the mentorship of racists like William Fulbright and Robert C Byrd, they are dismissive. Hillary Clinton has shown contempt for everyday people by calling Trump supporters deplorable, Sanders supporters people that live in their basements. In private emails her campaign called Latinos “needy” and trashed Catholics.

Hillary is neither liberal nor Progressive — she’s a crook, a warmonger and a Wall Street shill. Nobody likes her yet the establishment wants you to believe that the election’s not rigged. Trump should never concede. We are under the throes of corporate fascism where these globalists want to enslave all of us. What more evidence do you need to see that the corruption is at the highest levels of government?

This notion that we have democracy and free and fair elections is bunk. I personally have received hate mail and been vilified because I won’t submit to fascism. I thought this was America, where you’re supposed to be allowed to make choices, good or bad, without anyone manipulating or interfering. There are too many blacks that believe voting is getting on a bus and never doing any research and just voting Democrat. Somehow to these misguided brothers you’re a “Coon” if you have a different point of view. There’s only so much people can take and America has had it!!

People are tired of the politics of smear and fear. There are many reasons why people are supporting Trump and the main reason is a failed status quo. White libs have pumped victimhood into the minds of many minority groups and it’s divided and polarized our country.

I’m calling out the dirty laundry: blacks that play victims are just preying on gullible whites for sympathy. America is the land of opportunity and if you’re past a certain age and you haven’t achieved anything it’s not because of the white man or the rich, It’s because you played a part in your failure. Maybe you partied when you should have been studying, you bought lottery tickets when you should have bought bonds or you failed because you made dumb decisions.

Donald Trump is what black people need: an Alpha Male. He exudes manhood and America is about arrogance and swagger. I’m a Trump supporter because he’s not ashamed of being American. He’s the Jimmy Dean of politics, a rebel with a cause. You know it’s naughty but it’s so liberating. If we can’t have our way why not scorch the earth so nothing will ever grow again?

Barack Obama has radicalized working people. Washington forgot what democracy is about. This is not about Donald Trump, it’s about sending a message that the people are in charge. America has always been about self determination, not having a small group of elites centralizing power for themselves.