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Fruits and veggies of every kind,
wildlife that’ll blow your mind.

From different potatoes, to tons of apples.
Frogs and rabbits, that mean no harm
I’ve seen it all, down on the farm.

Learning, earning, having fun.
Meeting new friends, we work as one.

The air is fresh, the wind is calm.
That’s how it is, down on the farm.

The work ain’t hard and the boss ain’t mean,
the money’s good and believe me it’s green.

There’s ponds, tractors and even a barn.
It’s all right here, down on the farm.

Being from the city, it’s all new to me,
camping, fishing, there’s hunting too.
A lot of things I never knew how to do.

I have to say, “it has been a charm,”
I’m enjoying myself, down on the farm.