Dave Herholz / Flickr

Harry Truman once said “I never gave anyone hell, I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

Donald Trump is giving the Washington establishment hell and they don’t like it. Both parties are tone deaf and clueless. They think the American electorate was going to sign off on their preferred candidates so they can continue their globalist agenda. Donald Trump has woken the sleeping giant and Washington has been put on notice, no more business as usual.

Trump is resonating because he’s speaking truth to power. Our country is on the wrong track, we’re tired of politicians saying one thing and doing another. The American People are tired of seeing the government’s size be the only thing to grow. Trump may be the one to give Washington a kick in the ass.

I’m not a Tea Partier, I’m a disgruntled Democrat who believes the party has gone Cuckoo for Coco Puffs. I find it disheartening that after eight years of President Obama, Democrats don’t have any viable candidates in case Hillary falters. You would think party elders would have floated Corey Booker, Deval Patrick, Kirsten Gillibrand or Andrew Cuomo instead of flaming libtards such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Hillary is the pinkest liberal we’ve seen since George McGovern. If she gets the nomination it will be “all hands on deck.” Whenever Liberalism comes upon our shores, it should be identified, targeted and set afire.

I like Bernie Sanders however, and I understand why liberals love him. He’s a modern day Santa Claus, promising cradle-to-grave welfare and advocating to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It doesn’t matter to his followers that his message of dependency and free stuff will put our nation on a path towards Greece. However, that crowd doesn’t need much convincing. All you need is some weed or other hallucinogens to go with the message of self-indulgence and Bernie is speaking truth to power towards them.

Bernie won’t win because he’s a true liberal with no backbone. His failure to stand up to the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and say “All Lives Matter “ shows he’s not a true socialist but a panderer. If he won’t stand up to his own party, Putin will chew him up and spit him out.

People can criticize Donald Trump, but the man’s an Alpha male. He oozes masculinity. When hecklers try to disrupt him, he just steamrolls his attackers like bowling pins.

I will never forgive President Obama. I’m done with him. He effeminized America. I become enraged when I see what’s happening to this country. When you turn on MSNBC or CNN you see one woman after another screaming they want abortions anytime, anywhere and anyplace. We have a black president and people are crying about racism. The other day I saw a women working in a sewer, we are told by our feckless leaders that this is progress and we should be ok with it.

Donald Trump is the first person in a long time to say “hell no,” this is unacceptable. I’m not comfortable with his language, but he’s telling it like it is. The Democrats want to make America into the image of San Francisco. 2016 may be the most important election in history. If the Democrats win, socialism will be in full effect and the American way of life will cease to exist.

I don’t agree with Donald Trump, but his presence is exposing how corrupt the Washington establishment is. When I saw talking heads have meltdowns over Trump, I began thinking ‘if the Beltway clique hates him he may be the perfect president.‘

Washington is broken because too many have been bought by special interests. Americans are tired of the “Where’s Mine” attitude of the Left along with the blatant disregard of working people by the Right. They’re sick of hearing rhetoric and getting no results.

Let them keep underestimating the American people but if I were Hillary or Jeb I wouldn’t be measuring the drapes on Pennsylvania Avenue just yet. If they get too comfortable they may look out their window and see a landslide coming.