The American flag on distressed parchment.
Courtesy of Pixabay

There was a time when Americans were proud and felt love for our homeland. But now I feel most people are so concerned about themselves and getting money that the value of life is secondhand.  

The heartland where the farmers are is being taken over by drug addiction and loose morals. In some places, they stock Narcan in high schools because of so many overdoses. 

People seem to think a family as a unit is not necessary and that one or two people can just meet and be family for a couple of days. What about mothers? Somebody had to carry you, deliver you to the world, and help make you a person. I know a lot of people don’t believe in God, and the percentage of those people is rising. But, woe to them, because God is real.  

And just look around you! Everyone all tattooed up on every part of their bodies, with heads half-shaven. More and more people are living on the street. Bad health and mental illness are on the rise. Bands of children roam the streets looking for victims. People are having to buy everything used and hopefully not broken or unsafe. 

The next generation have a look of no hope in their eyes. They’re on their own, just trying to survive.  

So, please, look around and start to love each other.