Photo of Donald J. Trump standing on a podium
"Donald Trump Signs The Pledge"by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump transformed from a New York celebrity into an international sensation much as Muhammad Ali did throughout his illustrious life.  

Ali entered the scene as a brash Olympic champion and defied the odds by defeating Sonny Liston, whom boxing experts viewed as invincible. Like Trump, Ali not only took on the boxing establishment by hiring African Americans to manage his career, Ali also took on the United States government by refusing to fight in a war many perceived to be immoral. 

As with Trump, Ali for a period was despised because many felt he was a traitor. However, after his first Frazier fight even his enemies had to respect him because no matter what blows came his way, he stood firm and persevered. 

I put Trump in the same category. He never had to run for president. The man was a billionaire with children to carry his name for generations. So why risk his reputation for an endeavor as sleazy and slimy as American politics? 

Trump took on taboo topics, such as immigration and radical Islam. Because of Trump Americans are no longer interested in politicians who virtue-signal and never offend anyone. What they want is someone with the courage to speak his mind and say what he means. This will be Trump’s contribution to American politics. 

As with Ali, Trump’s bravado and cockiness bring out his enemies’ ire. As with Ali, Donald Trump knows how to hype and promote his brand. When he does a rally it’s like the carnival has come to town. People will stand in line for days for a chance to see the president.  

Democrats don’t realize that Trump is evolving into more than just a president. He’s becoming the leader leader of the free world. His recent trip to Europe may have been one for the ages. We have been hearing from the Mainstream Media that world leaders believe he’s an embarrassment and an idiot. However, the world saw President Trump with Queen Elizabeth giggling like a teenager. The world saw two leaders French President Emanuel Macron and President Trump — two people who are philosophical opposites  have genuine affection for each other.  

It will be hard for Democrats to keep pushing the narrative that President Trump is Adolf Hitler after actual soldiers who fought to liberate Europe welled up in tears when they heard the president speak. And it was beautiful to watch a 93-year-old queen grinning from ear to ear like a twenty-year-old. 

While Trump was on the world stage It was equally infuriating that Democrats couldn’t put politics aside and encourage the president to speak for our country. While Trump rose to the occasion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested he should be put in prison. Democrats look like petty partisans who are only concerned with winning elections rather than doing what’s best for all Americans.  

There are many things I disagree with this president on, but I can see Trump isn’t getting us into reckless wars, he’s not imposing onerous regulations or new laws by executive fiat. Nor is he trying to transform America through social engineering by leaving our borders open. 

Democrats’ worst nightmare is happening. People are becoming comfortable with Donald Trump as our commander in chief.