A photo of the White House
Matt Wade/Flickr

The establishment has no one to blame but themselves. The seeds were sown decades ago, and now bedbugs and lice are more popular than Washington.  People are tired of the special interests that make it their business to keep people polarized because they are more concerned about their interests than the national interest.

Americans will appreciate what Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have done for Democracy. Not because of what they stand for but because these two are making a stand. What you’re seeing is the splintering of the two party system. Both are wresting power from the powerful and giving it back to the people.

Americans are waking up. They are no longer interested in ideologues and partisans that offer nothing but soundbites and talking points. People are tired of telling their representatives that it’s raining and then being told they’re not getting wet. And the establishment is nervous because neither Trump nor Sanders can be controlled.

Somewhere along the way in American history democracy has been hijacked and politics has become a pissing match where everything has been turned into who can be more extreme and fanatical than the other. Once upon a time there were never true liberals nor true conservatives — it was, “What is the best course of action for our country?”

We have greater threats than each other but somehow there are people that make it their business to keep people at each other’s throats. It’s easier to scapegoat somebody than to find common ground.

Everything descended into tribalism where if you are not black and liberal you are a sellout or if you disagree with feminists or gays then you’re a hater and should be chastised. If you’re a Republican and don’t believe Planned Parenthood should be defunded then you are not a pure conservative.

These people are clueless. I turn on the television and hear these partisan hacks call Trump supporters “low information” and Sanders supporters “dreamers,” then are shocked that their supporters are rock solid in their support. I can’t believe how arrogant these people are — how can you scold and shame people, then expect them to support you?

What you are seeing with Trump and Sanders supporters is The Tea Party and Occupiers growing up, maturing and becoming more organized. Although I don’t care for either group I do admire that they are fighting back and it’s good for America.

The Beltway is clueless but they’re going to get a clue this election cycle. It’s not about Trump or Sanders — it’s revenge. Both parties have given up trying to co-opt these groups and now are trying to hold onto their power. However, trying to rig a landslide is as futile as trying to dam a tsunami. That’s what the establishment is looking at — a total rejection of politics as usual and the two party system.

I used to consider myself a liberal. Today I consider myself the most pro-gun, anti-state,  anti-tax person on earth. I’m not a right-winger or a left-winger — I have grown to despise all liberals and conservatives. I’m not interested in what any politician has to say — the best thing a politician can do for me is leave me alone.

I am at the point where I don’t care anymore. People in Washington are like infants. Most of them live in a bubble and don’t have real world experiences. They can send hate mail, unfriend me or have hissy fits and not speak to me.

I love them both but I can only vote for one. It’s not about Trump — I’m doing it because I’m feeling naughty and vindictive. I’m tired of groupthink and tribalism and the arrogance of the left that feel because I’m dark in color that I need to feel aggrieved and bitter.

Donald Trump is the black man’s middle finger and with my vote I will say to Obama and the progressives, “I’m doing things my way.”