Photo of two women participating in a Black Lives Matter protest.
Wikimedia Commons

All lives matter, but people who don’t understand what we mean when we say Black Lives Matter need to ask what it means. For decades, from the slavery days in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to after the end of slavery, Black lives didn’t matter in White America.

History has repeated itself over and over again, way into the 21st Century. Thank God for camera phones that exposed White police officers and mobs of White men in America killing Black males as young as 9 years old. These grown White police officers all have said they felt “threatened” by our Black male babies who happened to carry a toy BB gun and did not realize that it wasn’t a real gun. Their own guns are very real and shoot and kill people on a daily basis.

Our judiciary system has bamboozled our Black males and females, leaving out crucial evidence so they are sent away for 1 to 30 years of prison time, only to later find that many of our Black prison population are indeed innocent as charged.

If a Black or White police officer killed a White 9-year old male child because he was waving or carrying a toy gun, it would be appropriate to say “Yes, all Lives Matters.” But unjustified shooting of Whites hasn’t happened as often as it has happened in Black America and it always happens below the poverty line of Black America.

But it doesn’t really matter how much money you have in Black America. You are still at risk of the judiciary system and the Justice Department will sending an innocent Black person away for a lifetime of prison.