Image of a pair of hand open hands.
Mark O'Rourke/ Flickr

When a stranger speaks, wishing you a “good morning” and you intentionally ignore them… what are you thinking?

Are you trying to hurt them?

Does belittling another mean that much to you? If so, why? If not, why not just be polite?

Not speaking when spoken to in the civilized world is considered impolite behavior. The old folks would say “a dog when greeted will wag his tail.” The elders in my village would not permit us to break the “Golden Rule.” How you greet a stranger reflects your home training and your parents. If you find that last comment offensive – good. Maybe you will respond!

Maybe you will consider the domino effect your inconsiderate behavior has on the world around you. Please know hostility breeds fear, resentment and, at times, malice.

A smile, a frown, a nod, grunt, growl, or grimace will suffice. Cordial greetings are optional, but appreciated!

And probably safer.