A photo showing a protest outside of the Supreme Court regarding abortion rights.
Photo courtesy of jordanruhl7 // Wikimedia Commons

We often hear from political pundits how they yearn for America to come together — but can that happen when there is so much that we fundamentally disagree upon?

I consider myself pro-life, conservative and libertarian, but I clash with my fellow Republicans on the issue of abortion. While many of us agree the practice of abortion is abominable, we disagree on the alternatives. None of us like Roe V. Wade, but do conservatives want to go back to the days when women used coat hangers to kill their babies?

As a Christian, I sometimes wonder what Bible these pro-lifers read. Many talk a good game about how all lives must be protected but it’s these same people that put their hand on the Bible while cutting many programs that sustain life and enriching themselves with corporate tax cuts. It says in the Bible that it’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven than a camel to get through the eye of a needle. Jesus said to give your riches to the poor and follow Him. If conservatives take the moral high position that life begins at conception, why do they argue against life-sustaining programs such as paid family leave?

I love President Donald Trump but his $16 billion farm welfare program doesn’t sit right with me. While conservatives talk about fiscal responsibility they are wasting our tax dollars bailing out farmers and cutting programs that aid children and single mothers. I believe in free markets, not picking winners and losers. These same Republicans then make pious arguments about the sanctity of life yet regard policies that sustain life as socialism, doing everything to undermine women who try to raise their children under difficult circumstances.

When I was a progressive I didn’t want to clash with women and feminists over abortion.

While I don’t support abortion, I prefer that abortions be safe and performed under the care of a doctor, not in back alleys. I don’t know where I stand on the argument that life begins at conception but I accept first-trimester abortion, though I would prefer if women have the baby and put it up for adoption. After the second trimester, I agree with pro-lifers that killing a baby is murder and the doctors should go to jail. I don’t know if women should be jailed — maybe counseling would be more appropriate.

Pro-choicers claim they should have control over their bodies yet want society to pay for their promiscuous lifestyles. Isn’t that a right-wing argument, that you should have control over your life, not the government? If you want power then take personal responsibility. If you want an abortion, pay for it. I’m all for free choice but I’m not interested in socialism and paying for your lifestyle.

The abortion bills in Alabama and Georgia are too insensitive and heartless for me to support. Pro-lifers look like hypocrites, because you can’t say you’re for limited government then ask the state to intervene on a woman’s uterus. If you are for life then these same people should step up for sustaining life from cradle to grave. If you’re for life then you’re for some form of socialism.

If you care about life, then you should care about sustaining it!