If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, his stance on non-violence would be tested by the modern day civil rights huckster.

Many African Americans are being driven out of their communities by gentrification; black unemployment is higher than it has ever been. While blacks constitute roughly 12 percent of the population, they make up 60 percent of the prison population.

While many African Americans are being harmed by globalization, what are modern civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton concerned about? The lack of diversity at the Oscars.

While these hucksters honor Dr. King with their lips, they insult his legacy with their vanity. Since King left us, the civil rights movement has run amuck and the incessant whining about no blacks being nominated for Oscars has got to be a new low, even for Sharpton.

If African Americans can take great efforts celebrating black history, why can’t they have their own Oscars? Hollywood was created by whites. Why do blacks want to crash their party and demand someone give them an award whites did not create or produce for them?

Blacks once had Motown, which they eventually sold to whites. Now they complain they have no platform with which they can award themselves.

The double standard and hypocrisy of the diversity crowd irks me. How many whites get nominated for Soul Train and the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards?

If these civil rights leaders were so worried about the plight of the black masses, why are they so aggrieved that no African American was nominated for an Oscar? Can an Oscar feed a poor black family? Does it create jobs? Or does it elevate some self-indulgent, privileged blacks?
Whites worked hard, built, and produced jobs for their people. Isn’t it plausible that African Americans can do the same? Berry Gordy founded Motown using his capital and resources. And whites supported him.

Racism and discrimination is not harming African Americans; the desire for white outcomes is.
Black race leaders don’t need to be in Hollywood anymore than I need to be in Whitefish, Montana. They need to be in Oakland, Compton, Washington, D.C., or Chicago — where their education, knowledge and know-how is needed. We have enough prima donnas and pretty boys in the black community. We need some black educators and engineers who can help uplift and build a generation that’s self-supporting and not dependent on the white man.

If blacks can make their own history, they can surely create their own Oscars.