Picture of a heart

As I sell my Street Sense, I watch the traffic of people pour from four sides of the street, people of all nationalities, ages, social status and creed. The eyes, I love the eyes, for the eyes are definitely the windows to the soul. They are full of expression and sincerity as well as negative emotionless, cold and hard thoughts. The men in their best business suits and the women in their seductive business suits, hugging the contours of their design while some dress more conservatively than other ones.

As I watch the sea of eyes droning through the streets, going about their everyday lives, I wonder, and then ponder, what causes these expressions, the good and the bad. When a person who doesn’t even know me from a can of beans, walks past me and looks at me, I can almost identify the ones who will give charitably and the ones who won’t. I wonder what moves them to feel the way they do; the ones that give and the ones that don’t.

So, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then where does the soul lie? My guess is in the heart. And if the heart moves the soul, then the heart moves the eyes, and as the eyes move, expressions form on the face which stems from the heart. What makes the heart express itself in this manner? Some people are full of sincere kindness and others the latter.

Know oh beloved reader of Street Sense news and the whole wide world, how important it is to spend one’s time and energy in treating the ‘heart’ to recognizing the needs for a charitable response to the needs of others, and in hastening to correct and purify it from sickness. This is due to the heart occupying a great and lofty place in God’s eyes; it is the place where the Lord looks and the storehouse of faith and sincerity.

The heart forms the foundation. The owners of the limbs are the soldiers for the heart’s intentions. They carry out the will of the heart. And when the owner becomes purified, its soldiers become purified and when its owner becomes sullied, its soldiers become sullied. That is why I love the poet who said “I saw the sins killing the hearts, breeding ignominy due to their addictions and in the leaving of sins and lies, its life and what is best for your soul, it is best that you preserve it.” The heart is in need of being nurtured, so that it may mature and increase until it becomes complete and correct. Just as the body needs nourishment that is good for it, along with this there is a need to prevent anything from harming it. So as the body will not grow until it gains that which will benefit it, it must also be prevented from that which harms it.

Likewise the heart will not become pure that if might grown and become complete with respect to it correction, until it attains that which will benefit it and repress that which harms it. Just as the flower will not grow without the factors of light and water, so the heart needs charity to grow into a blessing to others.

Extinguishing sin causes the heart to be purified. So my love to all my beloved Street Sense customers for several reasons, the chiefest being for loving God enough to nourish his kaleidoscope of love, emotion, compassion and sincerity. Kudos. Lead by example.

Keep in your mind’s eye that greed is a sickness of miserliness just as jealousy is the work insecurity. Jealousy eats away at your deeds, just as fire eats away at what it touches; giving charitably extinguishes sins. Just as water extinguishes fire.