A photo of stairs
Nyttend / commons.wikimedia.org

My husband and I had an argument. I had just gotten home from work, and he wasn’t home. Later, he came racing into the house and up the stairs. He looked under the bed. He was looking for a man. I was five months pregnant at the time, and my husband acted as if he would strike me.

I picked up a glass and broke it to fend him off. Granted, we were both serving in the Army.

I broke away from my husband and ran downstairs, screaming. My husband was still behind me. My sister and her husband caught him, screaming, “you’re trying to hurt her.” They held my husband until help came.

I went to the magistrate and proceeded to get a three-day stay-away order against my husband. The difficult decision I had to make was whether I should let him back in the house.

When I did let my husband back in the house, we fought again, and I ended up leaving him.