Bernie Sanders stands at a podium, wearing a suit and waving.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaking with attendees at the 2019 California Democratic Party State convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Whenever you think the Democratic Party has bottomed out, they seem to find new ways to embarrass themselves and the people who still remain Democrats.  

The Woke Twitter crowd and the Mainstream Media have become so vile and unethical with their smears and lies they have me defending old enemies such as Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. I see them getting the same attacks many Trump supporters have been getting from the left for years.   

If Tulsi and Yang don’t find a way to unify the what’s left of today’s Democrats I see Republicans being in power for decades to come.  

According to CNN and MSNBC, all Trump supporters are white supremacists, while Sanders — who’s been a valiant warrior for social justice since the 1960s — is now a woman-hating misogynist. And Gabbard, who sides with Democrats on almost every issue except regime- change wars, is considered a Russian spy. The Democrats have now become a narrow group of Hollywood elites, outdated journalists, hedge fund managers and unelected bureaucrats who serve their own interests instead of the nation’s.   

As someone who works for Street Sense and has fought passionately for the homeless I don’t know how those waiting on services such as housing and health care can sit idly and allow the powerful to run the Democratic enterprise into the ground.  

While you send your tax dollars to inflate the salaries of politicians that have been in power for decades, they have wasted every dime of your money trying to remove President Trump — and he’s on the verge of being re-elected in a landslide.  

Unfortunately, the people that claim to carry the mantle of progressivism, such as Sanders, will never defeat Trump — let alone the cancers of today’s Democratic Party that alienated former Democrats such as myself. 

I don’t want a president who makes me feel good — I want someone who will create an environment that will allow me to live the American Dream, which Donald Trump has done for many Americans regardless of race or gender.  

If you’re still someone who works and pays taxes and you still call yourself a Democrat, I don’t know how you allow CNN and MSNBC to continue to smear and defame the likes of Sanders, Yang and Gabbard. While I don’t agree with them you can see their hearts lie with the base, not the establishment. 

Instead of being a big tent where they let the base pick their nominee, the Democrats are doing everything they can to prop up a puppet such as Joe Biden or a deceiver such as Elizabeth Warren.  

Warren is a world-class fake!!  Before she became a champion radical leftist she was a hardcore conservative bankruptcy lawyer who championed free markets and capitalism.  As a bankruptcy lawyer, she worked on about 60 legal matters, advising clients with asbestos problems, corporations facing liability over ruptured breast implants and the former directors of Getty Oil. 

And every time Sanders has a chance to push back against the smears of the Fake News, he folds. Would Elizabeth Warren ever try a hot mic moment with President Trump? This is why his supporters will follow Trump, because the man has balls and courage and doesn’t buy into the identity politics of the left.  

The silver lining is many minorities and women are abandoning the Democrats. While this may not translate into supporting Trump it does mean that maybe a Gabbard or a Yang can form a new working-class left that will fight for working people.

Jeffery McNeil is a vendor and artist for Street Sense Media.