Image of a stone angel in a
Alexandra Pamias

Dear God, I was living in the darkness
and had the devil in my heart until you stopped it
I was lost in the sand till you carried me
I was sinking but you never let them bury me

I got a prayer in my heart that my momma left
So I pray every day over momma’s death
Got a son who was born just the other day
What can I say?

Got his Daddy’s and his Momma’s Face
Got his Daddy’s eyes, got Momma’s toes
Got his Momma’s hair, got his Daddy’s nose.
Got his Daddy’s lips, got his Momma’s smile.
Granddaddy’s genes, grandmamma’s child

Dear God, I’m searching for the sunlight
When I prayed, you gave it to me one night
Lord you are the reason I breathe
I just want to thank you for breathin’ breathe into me

I use to be so scared to get on my knees
And now I say a prayer for every disease
And every disaster and everything after
‘Cause I know the master will come in the rapture

So I got me some verses and I got me some scriptures
We about to go to church, you know whose coming with us.
I got faith in my way, keep the light in my path,
Make the evil disappear so the people can laugh
Make the whole world stop for a day and a half
Let the rain and the sun clear up all of the trash
Teach the whole world love instead of hate
When you runnin’ to the Lord you can never be late

Dear God, I was livin’ in the darkness
Had the devil in my heart ‘till you stopped it
I was lost until you carried me
I was sinkin’ but you never let them bury me