Janet Sharp presents PFFC's Downtown D.C. Public Restroom Committee 2015 inventory findings. She compares two maps: the more numerous public restrooms in downtown London versus the few public restrooms in downtown D.C.
Ian Erasmus

We need public restroom facilities in our city.

The topic should not have to be discussed. However, it is up before the city council, so members can decide whether they have the decency to address this crisis.

We are a city of people. We are home to a federal government with thousands of employees, who commute by bus, train, bike and car. Visitors and transients sometimes need public, free restroom facilities, and let’s not forget the medically challenged and Americans with disabilities. Only allowing paying clients or customers access is severely cruel and unhealthy for the human body in more ways than one.

Everyone needs access to restrooms, regardless of race, color or creed. It is a human right in a developed society. One’s access should not be dictated by where they live or work.

This is an issue revolving around money and those who have the ease and access because of it!

I hope the council makes D.C. a place for all people, no matter what the situation, and approves public-restroom legislation.