Photo displays CCNV Homeless Shelter
Photo by Street Sense Media Staff

From May 2013 through October 2014, street reporter and Street Sense vendor Reginald Black delved into the history and current state of the Community for Creative Nonviolence shelter, and closely followed a hearing spearheaded by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham to discuss what would happen once the covenant requiring DC government to use the property for homeless services expires.

  1. Keep the Promise
  2. What Will Happen to the CCNV?
  3. Exploring the Future Mission of the Shelter Called CCNV
  4. Witness to History: Activists redefined America’s Response to Homelessness
  5. Timeline: The Federal City Shelter, 1940s – 2021
  6. OPINION: What Do We Want? Change!
  7. OPINION: Giving the Community a Voice
  8. CCNV Task Force Continues to Deliberate
  9. CCNV Task Force Mulls Future of Historic Shelter
  10. Hopes and Anxiety Mark Deliberations Over CCNV’s Future
  11. CCNV Task Force Begins to Wind Down
  12. Bill to Shape Future of CCNV Gets Hearing

The next stage was covered by Rachel Cain here.