Danica Roem at a July 26 protest in front at the White House against President Trump's transgender military ban

It’s been some time since I’ve said something positive about Democrats. However, if Democrats find more candidates like Danica Roem, Democrats may become a viable party once again.

I almost have to be on medication to say something positive about Democrats. After they cheated Bernie Sanders out of what was rightfully his – the nomination and possibly the presidency – I have trust issues.

However, Roem may be the first step in the right direction. While Hillary Clinton ran as a women, Roem ran as a resident of Virginia, not a transgender woman. She won by using old-school tactics like knocking on doors and talking about issues. While the establishment Democrats are clueless, the grassroots gets it: All politics is local. Her win may dispel the notion that all Republicans are deplorables and right-wing nut jobs. Roem defeated ultra right-wing conservative Bob Marshall in a relatively conservative district.

Roem embodies Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of character coming before color, gender or identity. When Roem was disrespected, she didn’t crawl into a safe space or become “triggered.” She fought back and defeated her mocker. I believe the only way to knock down doors is have uncomfortable conversations.

When President Donald Trump suggested a ban on transgender people in the military, I supported and defended it. Today, I regret and apologize for saying hate-filled things about transgender people.

It’s no secret Democrats have forgotten their bread-and-butter roots and become the party of Thurston Howell lll, the millionaire from “Gilligan’s Island.” Maybe people should follow Roem’s lead, by ignoring the mess with establishment Democrats and focusing on local elections. I would suggest Democrats have a “tea party” of their own, and jettison the corrupt party establishment. America needs a blue-collar party. Neither major party represents the interests of the American worker.

Because Democrats abandoned people like me, they allowed Trump and former White House chief strategist and Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon to become the voice of the people. There’s no reason why labor unions and working people should allow Trump and his coterie of well-connected plutocrats to shoplift issues that were once the staples of the Democratic Party. No Republican should be talking about curbing immigration, raising wages and improving living conditions – that was Democratic home turf that establishment Democrats allowed to be stripped away.

The time is right for the working people to have a civil war in the Democratic Party. We need to move the party back to the center-left and jettison the left-wing out of the Democratic Party. The establishment Democrats are committed to free trade and open borders. They’re okay with sacrificing our future for short-term gains. Only the working people, not Trump, can fix what ails the

American worker. We need to get back to issues that put American workers first, such as public works, job training, restructuring our immigration system and a strong safety net.

Unfortunately the politicos in Washington don’t know a damn thing about Trump supporters. I don’t have an ideology or a party. I voted for Trump. I support both Roy Moore and Danica Roem. It has nothing to do with their politics. I don’t agree with Moore, but I can see why people in Alabama love him. When Mitch McConnell and the left tried to do a hit job on Moore, Moore said bring it on. Both Moore and Danica Roem are fighters. That’s what Washington needs: people who are not afraid to step on toes, and do what’s right for America.

Danica Roem is the Jackie Robinson of our time. Self-respect goes further than victimhood. When she was disrespected by Bob Marshall she didn’t whine and cry. Even after Marshall wrote nasty comments about her, she didn’t call his supporters deplorable. She said they’re all my constituents. Because of her I had to come around on gay rights and transgenderism, I believe when someone regardless of creed or gender emerge victorious they have the right to lead. Danica has proven a worthy adversary and we all should give her our respect.

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense columnist and vendor.