I would like to start by giving my dear customers with a real quick rhyme:

“On April 22nd, I was born a Taurus, like a bull running wild, roaming through the forest. ”


My Dear Customer,

I really do appreciate the wonderful love and support that you guys have given to me. You are the reason why I keep smiling. I know that there are still some amazing people out there in the world. I need to find more guys like you, so we can all get together to create a world of greatness because, believe it or not, you guys are the very best customers a vendor could ever ask for or dream of. As I grow and get stronger, I am willing and able to give back to the community, and this all started because of your faith and dedication to me. I thank you for believing in the vision that Street Sense has provided for me, because I know without you as the most beautiful people here on this Earth, a better world would never happen.  So I am taking this time to acknowledge you this day, and everyday. Thank you, my true customer.