Photo of delivery room
Photo courtesy of cantaloupe99

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The Tucker family was in the hospital delivery room waiting for a new arrival. 

“Push, push!” the doctor exclaimed. 

The husband could not go into the delivery room to help — he had to stay six feet away because of the coronavirus. 

Baby number one came out. 

There was a rookie registration clerk demanding that the husband give the baby a name. The wife was yelling for the husband, and the husband was getting nervous, and mad. The registration clerk was demanding a name. 

Out of frustration, the husband said, “Hell, ‘Coronavirus!’”

The doctor looked again and here comes baby number two. The wife was screaming for her husband and the registration clerk was yelling at the husband for a second name. Still he couldn’t go into the delivery room. 

When the clerk demanded another name, the husband yelled out, “Stupid coronavirus!”

Out of amazement the doctor exclaimed, “Push, push, push!” 

Here comes baby number three. The wife was still screaming, and the husband was a nervous wreck. The registration clerk was really demanding a third name from the husband. But all he said was, “Dumb COVID-19! I need to be with my wife.”

So the gist of this story is the Tucker family will take home three new additions to their family: 

  1. Hell Coronavirus
  2. Stupid Coronavirus
  3. Dumb COVID-19

For the rest of their lives. 

Dear reader, life must go on. We must face each day with what we are given. My faith and your faith will keep us strong. Yes, be very concerned. However, we must still have laughter in our lives.