Photo of Levester Green's book cover, titled "Federal City Hustlerz"

My latest book features articles and poems I’ve published with Street Sense Media. I began working here in 2013 as a vendor. I was introduced by Charles Davis (may he rest in peace) & soon took interest in the publication as an outlet & reinforcement for my gritty street poetry & long lost interest in illustrating! 

Up until the Street Sense illustration workshop with David Serota, I hadn’t drawn since high school. I was interviewed for drawing instruction when I was young. But as much as I wanted 2 sign up after hearing how Charles Shultz, creator of the “Peanuts” comic strip, had come up through the ranks. I humbly denied myself as I knew our budget was tight. I was expecting a scholarship of some sort, not a bill. But anyway. 

The artistic opportunities grew even greater once workshop facilitators Bryan Bello & Adam Kampe came aboard. It wasn’t hard 2 make the growth spurt into Street Sense Media with their added assets of filmmaking & podcasting — . both of which we still do today! 

My film, “I Am Levester Joe Green II” is still online. Google Me. My Kampe interview is on the Street Sense Media podcast feed. 

And I’ve naturally continued to grow beyond Street Sense. You can find my signature line of greeting cards at & my other books, as well as this new one, on Xlibris & Amazon & through every other major book dealer. Thank you all for your continued support!~