A black and white photo of the inside of a jail.
Photo courtesy of Emiliano Bar/unsplash.com

I asked someone, 
If they would come 
With me 
To my country America. 
That put him 
In a state of hysteria. 
Will you give me a bulletproof vest? 
To protect my chest. 
He asked. 
Why would I want to fly 
To a place I may die. 
As soon as I step off the plane 
I may get a bullet in my brain. 
I tried to restrain 
From telling him his thinking was insane. 
I told him our countries had a lot in common. 
He said yes, but you use a coffin 
Way too often. 
I told him America was the land of the free. 
How could that be 
He said to me. 
There are over a million people in prison. 
Is that the vision 
Of your nation. 
To have so many in incarceration. 
There are over three thousand on death row, 
Waiting to die 
Is that a slice of the American pie? 
If so, 
I don’t want to go.