Flickr/Anthony Zugaldia

Low temperature, chilly, cool:
all words we use to describe something low. Never mind the temperature of humanity; humans are
served or consumed
of heat, or us, you would say. “Feel uncomfortable.”
Our fears and horrors of causality are an unconscious cry for peace. We must resolve all fears
and look out for our neighbors without a home.
When we ignore people,
or give them words like “it’s ok,”
we are not effecting a change. To reach our objective
we should not be “cool” toward others’ plight. Do we ever stop to think that
we are the ones who can make change
The trail, for example, seems no longer fresh or easy to follow.
To be far from finding, or being without preparation, is what keeps a ‘low temperature.’ Our viral
infection is
completely cutting off our humanity. Don’t be cold;
we don’t need to be consumed by
the heat of apathy.