At a June 15 training session, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED) taught newcomers like myself how to advocate for affordable housing for ourselves and others. CNHED works to promote programs that provide affordable housing, help low-income individuals rent apartments for the first time and hold onto their places during difficult times.
At the session, CNHED leaders explained the importance of good planning and organizational skills. They explained how and why CNHED supports and creates advocacy events. From the timeline that the instructors displayed, it was plain to see how some of these tactics can be used effectively.
Then participants were treated to a discussion and video on how to testify at public events. It was explained that an audience connects more with someone who is speaking from personal experience than when hearing from someone talking about generalized points. The video showed different people speaking and did a good job of illustrating how effective each testimony was.
The video was a great tool for showing us new advocates how to craft our testimony to reach a wider audience. The video also emphasized the importance of making testimony powerful enough to change a lawmaker’s mind.
With this training, I hope I can be a more effective advocate for the homeless.