On Saturday, Oct. 27, I took a trip to Baltimore. Taking a MegaBus to Baltimore cost me $15. There I learned about another paper like Street Sense. It’s called Word on the Street, and it comes out four times a year.

Bonnie Lane usually hosts workshops for writers and photographers, but she was unable to attend that day. Vanessa Borotz filled in and did a great job. I introduced myself as a vendor and writer for Street Sense in Washington, D.C. I met some of the staff, like editor-in-chief Mark Schumann, photography group instructor Michael Jefferson, and content editors Joanna Gervais and Damien Haussling. We had a passionate discussion about the homeless issues of the day.

Editor Joanna Gervais handles community services and the back page of the paper, which has a map of service locations in the city. She wants to conduct a survey of service providers for the homeless.

These are caring, dedicated people fighting for the cause to end homelessness and poverty. If you would like to help Word on the Street, you can email them at [email protected]