Photo displays CCNV Homeless Shelter
Photo by Street Sense Media Staff

On the morning of Aug. 3, a man in a wheelchair stabbed a resident of the Community for Creative Nonviolence shelter in the stomach.

Then, according to an eyewitness who requested anonymity to avoid retaliation, the initial victim grappled with the man in the wheelchair, wrestled the knife from him, and stabbed him fifteen times before abandoning him in the lobby.

The Protective Services Devision, part of the D.C. Department of General Services, responded first. Metropolitan Police Department also responded.

The first aggressor was reportedly not a resident of the shelter and had no fixed address. The second was a staff member at the shelter. Both men survived and were arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon, according to the police report.

The incident follows a fatal shooting that took place on the steps of the shelter a month earlier.

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CCNV staff did not return multiple calls for comment.