An eye.
herval [Flickr]

Good morning,
Good afternoon,
Good evening,
Good night,
Good greetings.

Good Grief!!

Can’t you hear me speaking to you?  I’m extending wishes of good tidings for you and yours — and you ignore me?

I wish you and yours a “Magnificent made to order Monday!” and you deny my existence in response?

What must I do to be acknowledged? You look away, not in disgust because I’ve offended you but as if somehow by doing so I’ll dematerialize.

Hey I’m here!!!

I’m a big Black guy, too tall to miss!
I have a booming bass voice too deep to deny!
And you know what? If you took a minute you might find out I’m relatively intelligent. I might even know something you may deem beneficial.

But how would you know?
You don’t see me.