A photo of a crowd booing at liberal signs from a protest
Photo by David Shinbone/Flickr

Some people say: Jeff, the door is open, you’re welcomed back. However, can I heal old resentments? I don’t recognize today’s Democratic Party. Once upon a time, liberals were tolerant and open-minded; today they have contempt for anyone who rejects their worldview. I love God, but they mock the concept of religious liberty. Liberals have no respect for those who believe in morality and ethics.

Modern liberalism is a disease of narcissism. It’s a perpetual need to have someone feel sorry for you, instead of doing something about your circumstances.

I get it, President Trump triggers you. He makes you want to sit in a safe space eating chocolate-covered bonbons. You hate the bronze skin and orange hair, his vulgarity makes you become unglued. Trump’s presidency challenges everything liberals cherish. I hear all this rhetoric about fascism, but what freedoms has Trump taken away? He’s trying to make America a winner. Who can be against Making America Great Again?

I want to help you, but l can’t align myself with women dressed up as vulvas. I respect property, not anarchy. If being a Democrat means aligning yourself with Maxine Waters, Al Green and other liberal nutballs who clamor for Trump’s impeachment, then what you’re saying basically is: “Screw you, Constitution and democracy.” Why can’t liberals humble themselves and acknowledge what is true: Hillary Clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate.

Trump won because he had a human side. In his own way he acts like an American: We are who we are. The Trump supporter does not care about global enlightenment. I love my guns, God and Constitution. I like frying pork and beef, and I’m not ashamed of being a deplorable. I’m on the side of the farmer, carpenter and miner. I don’t regret voting for Trump. He’s not ashamed of being a man; he’s what America needs. Washington is a place where people believe they’re entitled, but Trump unnerves them because he doesn’t coddle or pamper them.

I once drank from the well of liberalism. When you’re a child, it’s drummed into you how the white man’s getting rich off of your expense. I remember watching Roots, feeling the whips, the blood-curdling screams of our women being raped, the plantation where the evil slave master stands with his shotgun. All this had an effect: I was angry, I was ready to overthrow whitey and replace America with a Black utopia similar to Haiti or Grenada.

A funny thing happened on my way to becoming a revolutionary in the struggle for social justice. I joined the military. I had the pleasure of visiting the all-Black countries of Grenada and Dominica. I thought because I was Black I would have some shared camaraderie with my Black brethren. I was disappointed by how undeveloped these countries were, They had dirt roads, no modern plumbing, goats and wild animals roamed the streets. I was told you enter the village at your own peril, because crime was so rampant. I was dismayed by how undeveloped and primitive these countries were. I gave up hope for Black nationalism.

I should’ve learned then, about pro-Black, back-to-Africa militancy. What do you do when everyone Black is on the Democratic plantation? During the ‘80s, Black conservatives were rare. The first Black conservative I heard was Dr. Thomas Sowell. I wasn’t ready for him because I still had that groupthink mentality.

By the ‘90s, I began to break away from the groupthink mentality. My metamorphosis began with Marion Barry. I felt he should’ve resigned for the good of Washington, D.C. I didn’t like Blacks defending him for the sake of being Black. Then there was the Rodney King riots: I never understood being so mad at the white man you rob Black-owned businesses and burn your neighborhoods down. Once again I was called a coon, sellout and Uncle Tom.

I didn’t really break away from liberalism until 2012. I voted for Barack Obama but I didn’t see him as a god. I began to change when Blacks refused to look at him objectively. To criticize Obama was tantamount to being a race traitor. I endured Barack Obama, I held on when he bailed out Wall Street, I stood silent when he trampled over religious liberty, but I began to sour when he fought for everyone’s rights but the 97 percent of African-Americans who revered him.

Democrats stopped talking about jobs or helping poor people and minorities. It seems that every issue centered around the extreme demands of abortion-rights activists or the LGBTQ community. If you had any objections, no matter how trivial, you were read the riot act and run out of the party. I never thought I would support Donald Trump, but liberals gave me no choice.

Jeffrey McNeil is a vendor and frequent contributor to Street Sense.