Tony Webster/Flickr

It’s a shame that kids’ bus drivers are getting killed by everyday people with either shotguns and military-style weapons. It just makes me sick. How do we prevent more of these tragedies?

Why don’t we institute a permanent ban for everyday people to possess military-style weapons and the ammunition for them. The only people who should have military-style weapons are the armed forces, police departments, sheriff department, SWAT teams and border patrol.

There should also be a universal criminal background check for legitimate gun owners and their families to be fingerprinted  into a universal database. Say, for instance, a weapon was stolen and the police find it. If the original owner is in database and his or her fingerprints are on the gun, the gun would be returned to the original owner.

Getting back to military-style weapons: if someone wanted a military-style weapons for a collection, then the weapon should be disarmed so it can never be fired. I just don’t understand why anybody would need to own a functional military-style weapon, when all it would be used for is to kill.

I still believe in the Second Amendment. I think that people should just have a simple handgun or hunting rifle, but not nothing more destructive than that.

These restrictions would make gun control a lot simpler. I am just coming up with ways to reduce all this violence, whether it be school shootings or disgruntled employees shooting up their  former offices.

Someone who wants to buy a gun should also go through psychiatric evaluation.

If you agree with some of my ideas, then contact  your congressman, your senator, your governor,  your state houses, and even your mayor, city council and county officials.  Pass along any of these ideas you agree with. I am sorry to bring this issue up again, but I feel something  needs to be done, end of story.