Photo of a person handing another person Breadcoins.
Photo courtesy of Breadcoin.

Breadcoin collaborates with local food vendors who provide hot meals to the hungry with the dignity of choice. The tokens are accepted as cash at more than 40 locations in D.C., including restaurants, food trucks, farmers markets, and a hospital cafe. 

A single Breadcoin token.

Photo courtesy of Breadcoin

Before the pandemic, the owner of a participating hot dog stand said 20% of their business came from Breadcoin. Schools even use it to reward students and support families.

I’ve been volunteering with Breadcoin since 2015. I pass out tokens and flyers to people in need. I also work to recruit more food vendors and members, telling them about how the program helps to feed the community. 

I do this as a ministry unto God. It’s what motivates me and inspires me to live. It’s also what inspired me to be a writer at Street Sense, so I could tell everybody about what we’re doing. We need your support and prayers because the operation is growing.

Breadcoin relies on our members, who pay $25 monthly to the organization. Partner nonprofits and volunteers like me give the tokens away for free, and Breadcoin reimburses the food vendors for every token they accept. 

My dear friends and readers, together we can conquer hunger. Thank you! May peace and blessings be with you.

More information about Breadcoin is available at