January 17, 2018—I was just getting ready for bed, after celebrating my birthday, when two men dressed like they were in an army appeared out of nowhere.

“Where are you from? Am I in trouble with the U.S. Army??” I asked, hurriedly.

They said that they were from the year 4242; that I am their leader; and that they needed met to go into cryogenic sleep to be unfrozen on January 17, 4242.

“Why?” I asked.

But they could not tell me. The soldiers said only that I had to go to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) for my cryogenic nap.

In the next story I will be in the year 4242. I think there is a war, and I might need to help Earth win it. I might be Earth’s leader…

Dear Readers—I am sorry that my Star Trek stories had to come to an end. I hope you like my new sci-fi.