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I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Lewis, former middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and two time Super Bowl champion. Recently, I also read his book “I Feel Like Going On.”

In Lewis’s book, he gives you an outstanding look at his life, on and off the gridiron. He pays particular attention to his family, especially his mother. Lewis also speaks about how he got the name Ray Lewis and how his father was not in his life. This was very revealing to me. He goes on about the abuse of himself and his mother by her many boyfriends, which I immediately related to.

Lewis speaks about playing pickup football in the projects where he grew up. There were no rules. Only the toughest kids lasted, something that I experienced as a kid too.

He goes in depth about playing football in high school and college — about how he won the starting job when one of the starters went down and how their 58 game win streak ended. The coin toss of that game changed how the coin toss was done in college football.

Lewis’s professional career almost ended during Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta, when he was implicated in a murder. It changed his life. Then, an injury in a game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 almost ended his career again. The next year, Lewis won his second Super Bowl.

He had a fierce reputation on the football field as a player and earned the respect of his teammates, coaches and peers because of his outstanding play and no-quit attitude. Ray Lewis lost the respect of many football fans after the murder trial, but that didn’t stop him from being one of the best middle linebackers that the National Football League had ever seen.

I really enjoyed reading his book and if you like reading autobiographies or sports, this is the book for you.