Marcus Green and his wife, Bobby.

My wife died November 24, 2015. It was the worst Thanksgiving and the worst day of my life. Especially if you were not living right by her. I would give anything to have an hour or a day with her. She was the love of my life, the brick foundation to my soul. There never will be another. She was down for whatever.

I am in another relationship now but it feels as though I’m settling down. So I will leave when I get my own place. I believe I can do better because my God tells me so. I need the peace in my spirit. When God calls someone home, a newborn comes into the world to keep the cycle going.

I encourage everyone in “Street Sense” Land to love your family, your dog, your cat — whomever. Make sure you tell them you love them. I appreciate God sharing my wife Bobby with me.

I come whence thee comes, he returns. Thanks for your support and making a difference in me and my wife’s lives. God bless.