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Maybe the Left believes using vulnerable children for political purposes is the way back to power, but I think what liberals are doing is despicable even by their standards.  

It looks as if the left has ran out of bullets: the Mueller investigation is going nowhere, Trump’s visit with North Korea was a smash, the economy is sizzling and tax cuts did not bring the apocalypse as Democrats predicted. Black, female and Latino unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been since the government kept track and according to the latest data, there are more jobs than people.  

I hear many say, “Although I don’t like President Trump, comparing him to a Nazi is a bridge too far.” Many African Americans secretly tell me they believe Trump is doing a good job. Some even brag that they see improvement in their paychecks. Even Louis Farrakhan has been praising the president.  

There will be no Blue Wave. Instead, there will be a Great Backlash. People are boiling mad that the left would stoop to the level of using children for political purposes, calling people Nazis. You can see the tables turning and people siding with Trump on this issue. Many former Democrats such as myself see that today’s Democrats are not on the side of the American worker. 

Immigration should be similar to selling Street Sense. There is a process to be a vendor. You can’t just let people come through the door. I have to follow directions every day, and if I don’t, I face consequences.  

I’m compassionate toward immigrants, but many of us are tired of the false choice between open borders and law enforcement. I always thought we can do both — we can screen people and secure our borders. However, liberals don’t want sanity and compromise. 

These limousine liberals will lecture you about human rights and social justice when they don’t have immigrants going to their schools, clogging up their hospitals or transforming their neighborhoods. Call them out on their hypocrisy! Do what they did to Stephen Miller and Kirstjen Nielsen – give out their addresses and overwhelm their neighborhoods with refugees and migrant children. If liberals think rescuing refugees is a good, noble idea let them try their own social experiments in their own neighborhoods. 

I feel bad for migrants, but where is the same empathy for Black children in Chicago and Baltimore, where separation of families is the new normal? If Donald Trump can make an executive order for immigrants, why can’t he do an executive order for homeless people who aren’t living in shelters and have PlayStations and cable TV? 

In the words of Malcolm X, anybody Black, Latino or middle class still votes for a party that puts the priorities of illegal immigrants over the interests of American workers is a “political chump!” 

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense vendor and columnist.