St. Stephen Martyr Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.
Blake Bolinger

Sometimes, you have to follow your heart. One morning, me and my wife was dropping my brother off at his car and I saw this woman with eight kids, including a baby, pushing what seemed like their entire belongings in a couple of buggies.  

I felt bad for them. I told my wife we should do something. She said, “Chon, but we have to go to church.” 

“I know it,” I said. As I was pulling off, my heart and mind wouldn’t let me turn in the direction I was supposed to go. I drove down to the family and asked, “Is there anything that I can do?” 

She said eight kids is too many. The little girl told her mother that her feet was hot and hurting. I went to McDonald’s and bought every last one of them some food and took it back to them.  

They was so excited that the mother cried and thanked me. I looked at my clock and thought, “I’m late for church, but it’s alright because church will be there. This family may not.”  

Take the time to help those in need.