Photo of bread dough and baking supplies.
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

We are going to make a recipe — I just cannot wait to start!

This recipe is not the kind you serve at mealtime for dinner –

We make this recipe in the bottom of our warm hearts!

You probably have not tasted this recipe before – or maybe it is one of your favorites.

Either way, let us get started so it will be ready soon.

You really should have a taste. The kitchen is open. Come Inside Now


A loaf of praise:

1 cup of Faith            Mix in a large bowl

2 tbsp. Joy           

2 tbsp. Laughter      Warm up to 100 degrees F.

                                     Wait for a bubbly sound

1 quart Agape Love

                                    Knead the dough all throughout

Season with a dash of peace, favor, and goodwill

Let the dough rise for two hours with plenty of kindness until double in size

Punch down the dough with patience and form three loaves

In Good Orderly Direction — place the loaves in oiled and floured pans

Bake in the oven with Gentleness — set timer for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.


Ring Ring Ring!

You can smell our loaf of praise is ready

I see that it is golden brown, delicious, and ready for some butter

However, wait a movement with a measure of Self-Control and Think First…


It is mine, but you can have some to share,

Let’s serve some slices to you and me.

Let’s serve some slices to our family.

Let’s serve some slices to friends all around.

Let’s serve some slices to the poor and needy…

…And serve the rest of the Loaf of Praise to the King and the Queen!