I guess it’s true, being a Black man in America

can be hard on a Black man

The easiest thing to do, is for people to find fault with you

Someone who never knew you

Like Paul never knew Christ

but I guess that’s alright

Shed a little light

Tell a little tale

They say Clinton was our first Black president

Who sent many Black men to jail

Yea it’s Obama’s fault

That’s what she said

That Black man ain’t never had a job

Was never able to stand tall

My dad never did a thing for me

But I’ll let the world see

I am a king

The king of kings

A god to you all

Stuck, stuck feeling small

When I come from a bloodline of giants

Trying to find something good to say

Something good to do, and not listen to you

Who don’t know how much I love

And reach for the stars, for you

Yea, if you knew me, you would like me,

Cause I’ve been freed