Image of homeless black man.
Pixabay // Leroy_Skalstad

Now I’m wondering when night comes up to our faces, 
for where we will be a people who believe? 

If a star falls, I will see if I can give it to you, 
as a ring of lights and love to see you through. 

Until that time, when I can behold the loveliness of a woman, 
who I believe not by chance I came to know. 

By my Lord’s grace now to trust, 
to keep our trust in our Lord. 

If my words were to reach you, for what would they say? 
Saying something about how great is my Lord. 

In these days of great darkness and lost souls, 
and those who don’t know man is naturally ungrateful, 

Every tear a woman cries,  
my Lord counts. 

That I may remember your touch And be thankful for you, 
And a smile I came to know in these days of high times 

And the work one does that soulmates might meet, 
and find reason and a guiding light. 

In the eyes of differences among men and women. 
It’s all in who you trust. 

For the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want  
For my love in the Lord In who I trust, 

For in my heart,  
He gives me life and a woman to love 

And remember thy grace and mercy, the peace of the day, 
When Christ shall be a witness against those sinners. 

The Lord of All already knows the hearts and mind, 
of every man and women.