Michele Markel Connors/Flickr

During the Civil Rights era, the cry of racism was backed with evidence. Americans saw Bull Connor and sheriff Jim Clark. People saw the dogs biting innocent children and the bashed, bloated skull of Emmett Till. But today people are screaming “injustice” although there is no moral witness to any of these events.

When I walk down the street now I see banners saying “ Black Lives Matter” or see people with arms in the air saying “ hands up don’t shoot.“ Then I see a new age race leader. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were humble, Martin Luther King would never set a stage on Capitol Hill with a VIP section for celebrity race speakers, nor would he allow protesters to sell T-shirts and memorabilia for marches in Selma and Birmingham. However, while Al Sharpton wants to invoke civil rights, he also pimps the social movement to elevate himself. The black masses he claims to love are suffering and devoid of moral leadership.

Liberals piss me off!

When did our country go astray? How did we get this way? Once upon a time Democrats fought for civil rights and social justice. Today they fight for gender neutral bathrooms and the right for men to cross dress and wear lingerie to work. They believe their guilt and condemnation is helping blacks. Instead, these emotions undermine their ability to critically think and use good judgment. By feeling sorry for African Americans they don’t know they are hampering their full potential and fundamentally destroying them.

Liberalism is destructive. It is based on emotion rather than realism. No matter how much evidence is presented in the Mike Brown and Eric Garner proceedings, liberals will never accept the verdict because liberals would rather hear the narrative that blacks are oppressed instead of the reality that many are criminals.

Liberalism is not about helping the poor and oppressed but about a few egos who think they are the enlightened and anointed.