Watercolor painting of buildings
Photo courtesy of needpix.com

I love my home, my lofty throne,
Anacostia has been my home.
The birthplace of Go-Go.
A Black man homeless and all alone,
That’s right D.C. is my home,
Living in the basement of my family home, My Home.
Who said it should be sold?
My Mama and her big sister is gone home
To where peaceful people roam
In spirit. I live to never sell a Home
My people can live in, and grow,
And remember that great-great-grandmother
Who lived to love people,
And died in 2020 from COVID-19.
I live heartbroken, you see
For family and friends and the unstably housed
Who can’t go into a home.
It feels funny: Am I the only one
Who feels a sadness of heart and cries?
I’ve cried so much in 2020,
Is this the end of days they all talk about?
When the Black man is no longer a slave to the system?
How many will have to die
Before Black Lives Matter
Will Black Homes Matter too?