A "Voting" sign taped to a brick wall
Keith Ivey/Flickr

I think somewhere in the battles for social justice African Americans became misguided about what’s considered liberal and progressive. When you look up the word “liberal” you’ll see it defined as “not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.” Therefore one has to ask the question, should today’s black activist be classified as liberal and progressive?

You hear the media portray blacks as overwhelmingly liberal and progressive. However, what is radical about giving 90 percent support to one party for 50 years? What is open-minded about not criticizing a black president because his race is more important than his ability? What is revolutionary about needing a Great White Father, the government, to lord over you and supply your every need?

I used to believe African Americans such as Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Allen West were race traitors. But today I consider them the real revolutionaries. They’re saying let’s move on from Freedom Rides and mass protests and devise new ways to uplift African Americans. It’s the old school preachers who want you to remain on the plantation of bitterness and aggrievement. I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist, but I refuse to let racists determine who I am.

I believed, when Barack Obama was elected, that he would be a great role model for African Americans, because when I was a child if you said you wanted to be president they would have you institutionalized. Today I think he wasn’t ready for primetime. He makes excuses and blames everyone but himself. That’s not what I want in my leaders. I think of Cam Newton who faces the meanest white people on the football field, 300-pound men who want to knock his teeth out. He doesn’t make excuses about why people don’t want him to score. He figures them out, then throws touchdowns. The president is the leader of the free world. If he can’t defeat the opposition, what good is he to the black race?

Some people say I’ve moved too far right. I disagree. I think I became right in my thinking. I’m not impressed by shiny objects such as a black president. I don’t sip the wine of leftism, which is the most ancient and conservative philosophy known to man. There is nothing radical or revolutionary about being ruled by an all-powerful state. Socialism has been tried, and every time it’s been a disaster.

Some of us believe in freedom, not socialism. Freedom is scary for many African Americans because that means you’re on your own. There’s no one there to help you.

You don’t care who’s in charge: Republican or Democrat, liberal or racist. You don’t care because you know how to survive, not because of government but in spite of government.

I think it would be therapeutic if white people quit feeling guilty and slammed the lever with force for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. White Guilt has destroyed African Americans and the only prescription to heal the races is a “don’t give them crap” approach. This would ween African Americans off of government and allow African Americans to tap into their God-given instincts of independence and self-reliance. Progressivism is self-help and not welfare, and if either gets elected, I will do my best to fulfill the dreams of our Founders to form a government that serves best when it governs least.

I vote Republican not because I like what they stand for, I do it because the only way to change things is to make a coin two sided instead of one. There’s nothing wrong being a Republican because someone has to challenge the status quo and the only way to do that is to get people out of the group think mentality.