Rick Harrison/Flickr

Beauty is a state of mind. To a man, beauty might be a woman’s curves or the curl of her hair, or the smooth soft skin or the goodness within.

For a woman, beauty could be the strong look of muscles in a man’s arm, or the tightness of his buns, or even the size of his feet.

To a child, beauty can be found in the long hair of a doll, for a girl. For a boy, it might be the red hot truck he just got.

Beauty can be found in a kind of tree as the wind blows through it, or lavender flowers in a field.

A mother’s look upon her child.

A father’s hug of his only child.

An architect’s sketch of a new building.

A brand new car.

My point is, there is beauty all around us, we just have to open our eyes and take in the beauty of the world.