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D.C. should open up recreation facilities to take in the homeless or the less fortunate during the heat wave, while encouraging people to practice social distancing. More libraries should be highly considered for opening, too, since they offer basic human rights like public restrooms. It would also be easier for the city to meet and offer basic essentials like food and ice-cold water in this heat this way.

With many days in the 90s, we have to be careful.

The heat kills a certain percentage of  people every year, it’s more dangerous than the cold because it complicates existing health issue. Add in the coronavirus and now we are talking about a major epidemic.

How do homeless people deal with the heat after being shunned away from many restaurants that have adequate AC? Here is the strange and real answer for you: They huddle on church steps where there is shade. They go around parks downtown (those that are not closed down, like Franklin Square now is), and they look for tree shade to stay out of the burning heat.