Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Oh, you’re wise in treachery. 

Let me check the directory 

for that trajectory 

before we proceed over directly 

2 the treasury, 

followed by the gift of flowers at the burial. 

Did they make it 2 the cemetery territory?

No farms but you caused them people plenty of alarm. 

Now we got our real growing farms. 

Proceed 2 finesse them with the wit & the charm. 

Kurzca curses, but it lit a wick so there’s no harm. 

Even tho the rest of the population is up in arms, 

ready 2 cause us a little more misery,

while they should be up in these arms 

simply put, trying 2 pleasure me. 

2 much cause for alarm, 

so I did it discreetly. 


Trying 2 find me out is like trying 2 battle me! 

Not buffoon, so I don’t let it baffle me, 

but baby, you can buy it for me. 

Best believe you’re valued homey 

& it don’t matter 2 me if you vote sweeter than honey, 

cuz I understand you just wanna get 2 know me. 

Face 2 face. Take a chance. 

They back biters. Talking bout the old me. 

Got a resurgence 

& I did it without the use of surgery. 



Marry me?! Well baby, my lady in that category. 

I’ll have 2 say “maybe” 

perhaps 1 day it shall be. 

Let it be…