Color photo of a video camera
Wikimedia Commons

I’d say by far my most impactful relationship fortified by Street Sense Media would be with Bryan Bello, documentary filmmaker. We happened to meet in Tenleytown over smokes. He wanted me to try that cigar he gotten from the shop down the block from Friendship Place Day Center. I guess he saw me in need of a cigar as there is always cigarette smoke in the air in that area. 

We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit over the smoke break and dug one another’s position! Me as an underground poet and him as an aspiring filmmaker. I could revive my dormant career with renewed interest with some short quick videos of poetry for my YouTube channel.  On my return he would score a film subject for his thesis. It was a pretty good agreement. 

I had been with Street Sense for about a year when Bryan met some of the other Tenleytown Street Sense Media vendors. Bello’s wheels started to turn and he went for broke. He used his filmmaking platform and background at American University to introduce his Film Co-op Workshop to Street Sense Media’s higher-ups, who loved the idea. They immediately went along with Cinema From The Streets and opening night at the E Street Cinema hosted by American University Professor Dan Kerr. Add a second round of films from the female perspective and we were a huge part of, the brand-new Street Sense Media organization.


Levester Green is a Street Sense Media artist and vendor.