Shell Game/Flickr

It is beauty in many forms. The beauty of God’s creations surpasses all. Now, at the risk of revealing one of DC’s best-kept secrets and my personal “site of solitude, I declare the most beautiful work of art in DC is (in my humble opinion) the National Arboretum. It’s a naturalist’s paradise and a river runs through it.

There are several different gardens that make it spectacular, all year around.

Winter’s snow-covered branches make a wonderful white scene.

The Azalea Garden at spring peak, with over 15,000 plants, is a floral masterpiece

The Bonsai Garden, with its intricate miniature trees, is regal.

The Children’s Summer Produce Garden is practical while the fragrance Garden is well, fragrant.

The Shade Garden, AKA the Fern Valley is my personal favorite Getaway.

But as an Autumn-born native of DC, I find fall at its peak, a sight to behold!

The art of transitioning seasons can be breathtaking and the National Arboretum is indeed a National Treasure.