A photo of a set of keys and a key fob
Photo by Nicolae Valera on Unsplash

I got the new vouchers for the O Street Market apartments. It’s a new place. I appreciate my social worker, Ms. Aiesha. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to move. I appreciate my other social worker, her name is Ms. Wise. She is a good person.

I appreciate my brother-in-law, Francis Coffee. And my sister, Veria Coffee-Sai. I appreciate my caregiver that works with me. She’s a good person. I appreciate her coming in this pandemic and cooking for me and doing my laundry, and making appointments, and all that. 

And I pray that the pandemic will be over soon, that we can start activities for all wheelchair basketball athletes. And I pray that I’ll be able to open my own business. And I appreciate me being a Street Sense Vendor and everywhere I go people recognize me for Street Sense and the wheelchair basketball. They want to see me every time advocating for Street Sense. They want us to have a league in the District of Washington D.C. I appreciate that one day pretty soon that it will blow up to be like the NBA. And the women’s wheelchair basketballthe women WNBA will play against us. I’m glad that everywhere I go people say I’m one of the good athletes of wheelchair basketball. And I appreciate my story will always be in the Street Sense paper, not only me but all vendors.