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He like dogs and she love cats 

She like snakes and he like bats

She love birds and he love fish

She hate pigs, she say they make her sick


He like crabs but he hate lobster

She say shrimp make her go to the doctor

He like cows cause he love beef 

She love steak but it get stuck in her teeth


She like squirrels but she love rabbits 

She hate bed bugs, can’t let them get in her mattress 

She hate spiders and he hate rats 

He hate mosquitos and she hate gnats


She like groundhogs and he like gophers

But they don’t like hamsters, they leave a bad odor

She say alligator, he say crocodile 

Don’t like raw oysters cause they taste so foul 


He like camels and she like sheep. 

Every night these d*** crickets wake them up out of their sleep. 


She likes swans but he likes eagles

But they love animals, science, and people 

Don’t trust sharks ‘cause they eat other sharks for a living

They love each other the way people love puppies and kittens


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